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New York, New York! Our partners at Cellini have a very rare UR-110 PTH in stock. From our yearly production of up to 150 pieces, only 20 UR-110 PTH's were ever created. 

Crafted from platinum, that noblest of metals, and embellished by skilful human hands. The UR-110PTH is a timepiece of contrast: red on black to be precise. With its imposing, reinforced blackened bezel, sand-blasted for a stunning matte finish, the UR-110PTH just oozes strong character. URWERK were pioneers in blackening platinum with the UR-103 Blackbird back in 2006. With the metal’s natural sheen disguised, only the weight of the UR- 110PTH betrays the presence of the platinum.

In the UR-110 PTH, the time is always shown on the right side of the watch. The satellites follow a vertically arced line, graded from 0 to 60 minutes, in a downward motion. Planetary gearing keeps the three hour-satellites and their arrow-shaped “torpedoes” in parallel formation as they take turns to indicate the time as they pass the 60-minute track. This performance is made possible by means of an architecture featuring three levels of complexity:

- A central carousel providing the complication with stability and equilibrium
- Planetary gearing assuring the parallel rotation of the three hour-satellites as they orbit the dial
- Three counter-rotating hour modules – each comprising an hour satellite, minute hand and counterbalance – are each mounted on a planetary gear. These three modules are in constant counter-rotation to offset the direction of rotation of the central carousel.

The UR-110 PTH is a timepiece in which its technology can be appreciated through the large panoramic sapphire crystal. As well as indicating the hours and minutes, the UR-110 also features a Control Board on the dial side with indicators for “Day/Night” and "Oil Change" – URWERK's service interval display, as well as small seconds on a sub-dial. Turning the watch over, the titanium back encloses the innovative automatic winding system regulated by dual turbines.

The UR-110 PTH is built like a tank - harder, thicker, with a strong sense of character.

Creators Thoughts:

Felix Baumgartner - “We always try to push ourselves to the maximum with our creations, our designs are in keeping with the old adage ‘A healthy body, a healthy mind’. If a timepiece’s case has been finished with the right care and attention, then that can only serve to enhance its ‘mind’, the complex mechanics within. Satin-finish, perlage and sand-blasting all provide the subtle touches that transform an innovative, mechanical timepiece into a true piece of haute Horlogerie.”

Martin Frei - “We equipped the UR 110 with a new heavy-duty Platinum-Hull. One millimetre thicker than the existing steel shield, this new strong bezel had to be reinforced additionally with slightly more solid screws, and that gave the Watch a more sturdy nature and look. Inspired by the protective armour of the ironman suits"

The UR-110 PTH was only limited to twenty pieces, this is one of your last chances to own a brand new one, a special piece of URWERK history.

URWERK UR-110 PTH Technical Specifications
Case in: Black coated Grade 5 titanium 
with black platinum bezel.
Dimensions: 47mm x 51mm x 16mm
Movement: UR-9.01 self-winding unidirectional rotor coupled to twin turbines.
Functions: Revolving satellite complication with wandering hour modules mounted on planetary gears
Control Board: Day/Night indicator; 'Oil Change' alerting service intervals and small seconds.
Super-LumiNova® on markers
Dial: ARCAP P40 carousel, SuperLumiNova treatment on hours and minutes markers.
Indications: Dial featuring: hours and minutes; Control Board: Day/Night indicator; 'Oil Change' alerting service intervals and small seconds.

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